Bead Soup Blog Party

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Bead Soup Blog Party - My Partner

I'm so excited to be participating in this year's Bead  Soup Blog Party !! 

 My partner is Billi RS Rothove, designer at Billi's Paper Batiks.  

Unfortunately, facebook has punished Billi for being too friendly and she's not able to interact for 30 days.  Many of us have experienced this "penalty" - send one too many friend requests or like too many pages in one day and BOOM.... it's time out for you !!   I hope Billi is back soon - in the meantime fellow bead soupers - please follow her blog:

Here are some of Billi's polymer clay designs and a look at her very busy studio.

I've got Billi's bead soup mix prepared - just needs a little packaging and in the mail it goes on Monday.  I hope she loves it  -  and I'm looking forward to seeing what Billi has cooked up for me.

Here's a sneak peek at Billi's soup.

We are in the second reveal on April 6.   Wow - that seems so far off - but I know time flies when you're having fun.  More pictures to come when we each receive our soups.


  1. At last, we have been found! Can't wait to exchange!

    1. Yes - it took a while - but all is well that ends well :D

  2. I'm trying to visit as many of the blogs as I can in the blog party. Can't wait to see what you've gotten in the mail from your partner and the unscrambled version of your own bead soup!